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Product Numbers: P170/P320/P500/P750/P1000/P1500/P2400/P4200

Product description: This type can be used alone, or it can be used by connecting multiple groups of lines with pipelines, and the pressure can also be transferred through the pipeline system. The product is widely used in the field of gold pressure, molding, automobile manufacturing, injection molds, machinery and equipment.


P series product is the company's successful launch of a new type of nitrogen spring.

The product is a type of bullet pressure in the nitrogen spring but the structure is super tight.

The technical modification makes the barrel length of the piano extremely short, and it occupies a very small space in use, which can make the mold body smaller.

The company's main to provide the standard charging pressure of nitrogen spring outside the meter, can also according to the user's request or by the user's own gas(the company can provide gas composition).

If used in a piping system, add the "-G" symbol at the end of the order.


Warning: Read the file before using the company's nitrogen spring and ask for it to be performed, otherwise there may be a personal safety incident.
Use care and quality assurance

1.          The nitrogen spring plunger is subjected to precision processing and special     surface handling. It should be avoided from collision, pressure, abrasion or abrasion during transportation, installation, testing, and use.

2.          Do not use at least 3 to 5 mm of public name travel(at least 10 % or more of the public name travel must be kept above 50 mm), and set up a reliable limited-bit device to ensure that it does not exceed the trip work, or it may cause nitrogen springs to damage or burst. Personal safety incident.
21. Make sure that the bottom screw hole of the nitrogen spring or the suitable fitting attachment is fixed, the force surface at the bottom of the support nitrogen spring should be greater than the outer frame of the nitrogen spring cylinder, and the cylinder of the nitrogen spring should be strictly prohibited from colliding or pressing, or it will be used for short life or being damaged.

3.          The surface of the plunger head should be completely fitted to the contact surface. The contact surface should be larger than the outside of the plunger and parallel to the plunger top surface. The plunger is severely restricted to long or truncated use. The plunger head screw hole is only used for mounting and removing nitrogen gas Springs. He is not allowed to use it. If not, they will be used for short periods of time or will be abolished.

4.          When moving the plunger, avoid bias loading(eccentricity should preferably be less than 0.03 / 100) and avoid obstruction, or it will cause nitrogen leakage, shortness of use, or damage.

5.          Ensure that the direction of movement of the plunger is parallel to that of compression and that the plunger is located in the free movement state. After the severe nitrogen ban spring has been reduced, it will return to the empty state in the no-load state, or it will be used for a short period of time or there may be a risk that the plunger will be fired, resulting in a personal safety accident. When not working, the severe nitrogen ban spring is in a state of constriction, or it will be used for short life or waste.

6.          This department's nitrogen spring is a dimensionless type, and when the plunger is moving, it is strictly prohibited to use liquid gliders and should prevent contact with liquid such as oil or water. The bottom of the nitrogen spring is strictly forbidden to soak in the liquid body. It is possible to cause nitrogen springs to burst and personal safety accidents. For initial use, a small amount of(MoS2) tallow can also be used.

7.          The normal working temperature of the nitrogen spring is 0 °C ~ +40 °C, and when it is greater than 40 °C, cold measures should be taken until below 40 °C. If not, there will be insecurity and there will be a significant reduction in the use of life or destruction.

8.          The maximum maximum limit of nitrogen spring is 2 per second, which is close to or higher than this rate. The working temperature will increase and will significantly shorten the use or damage.

9.          Under the condition of ensuring that the trip speed of the plunger is less than 0.8 m/s and the work rate is less than 2 / S, the running length of the plunger is greater than 100 km.

10.       When the new nitrogen spring is replaced in the old mold, the old mold should be adjusted or trimmed, otherwise it may affect the normal use and life of the nitrogen spring.

11.       It is strictly forbidden for non-professional personnel to dismantle the nitrogen bomb spring, and any modification or processing is strictly prohibited. If not, it will result in abandonment or personal safety accidents.

12.       The maximum pressure set at 20 °C can not be exceeded when it is filled, or it will become unsafe to hide.

13.       It is strictly forbidden to practice grinding or welding near the nitrogen spring. It should prevent the surface of the plunger from being damaged by Jinshufei, and it should prevent the surface of the plunger from being attached to gold cuttings or other hard grains and powders. It will not be used for short life or waste.

14.       The slider used in the nitrogen spring cavity must be a special slider provided by the company, or else it may become unsafe to hide.

15.       Nitrogen-filled nitrogen spring in the running, installing, and repairing process, the top surface of the plunger should avoid the operator to prevent accidental personal safety accidents.

16.       It has reached 100 kilometers, and it has used the deadly nitrogen spring for 100,000 trips. It is strictly forbidden to continue to use it. It must be replaced, or there may be a personal safety accident.

17.       The discarded nitrogen spring should release the air in the cylinder. When breathing, you must wear protective glasses and use the air release work(the air release port should avoid the operator) to drain the air in the cylinder.
In order to achieve the most satisfactory use effect and the safest use of nitrogen bombs, please use the service to meet the requirements of the "use of attention". The company can provide excellent professional consultation and service. Otherwise, the result will be used by the client.


(1) The screw holes in the top of the plunger rod are only used for repair and are strictly prohibited from use.
(2) All except P170 and P320 can be repaired.
(3) With the exception of P170, P320, P350, P500, and P750, the road system can be connected.

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