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Questions and Answers of Collision Spring
Click:191 Date:2019/6/6 下午 09:02:00
Questions and Answers of Collision
What do you mean by the length tolerance of the wire? Metallic tolerance is related to material requirements(eg DIN 1702, EN, etc.). During the winding process, the route will change slightly.
How's the vertical? Generally speaking, the vertical tolerance is smaller than 3 °.
What about the spiral direction? The compression spring is right-handed.
The final procedure: pressure Springs made from piano wires are subjected to oil quenching after production to avoid rot. In order to increase the anti-rot ability, you can use the cymbals(you can keep 96 hours without decay in lye) or not.
For example, AISI 302 can be kept in lye gas for 200 hours without decay).
Magnetism: Different from piano wires, it is slightly magnetic.
Linear relationship of the spring load load: For the same circle distance of the circle, the linear nature of the spring load load is 15 % -85 % of the maximum journey.
Maximum stroke = natural length-the length of the state completely pressed.
Can the spring work beyond its load? In order for the spring to work properly, try to avoid applying forces that exceed the maximum load that the spring can withstand. Or the spring will lose its mechanical properties, such as freedom and length change.
Can the spring bend? When the free length of the spring is greater than four times that of the outer system, it is easy to appear in the tune. This leads to a decrease in the balance of the pressure, and the line in the center of the spring will be biased.
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